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Empowering Individuals, Engineering Transformation.

Hello, I'm Alyson Brewer

I am a value driven professional using the scientifically developed and statistically backed CliftonStrengths™ model. Adapting a Strengths based mindset serves as a catalyst both personally and in groups, elevating the culture of organizations and trajectory of individuals. 

Additionally, I bring coaching tools learned from Martha Beck, Oprah's life coach. This training has enabled me to spot troublesome narratives, address mindset issues and give you a process to unlock areas you seem stuck in.

My education combined with life experiences of loss and comeback make me a compassionate consultant invested in your success. I look forward to partnering with you, utilizing all of the tools at my disposal to empower you to thrive. 

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A Certified Martha Beck Life Coach &
CliftonStrengths™ EDUCATOR 

My compelling passion is to see you and your team thrive.

Discover talents and learn how to leverage them into strengths

Increase revenue producing activity in yourself and employees

Increase employee satisfaction and performance

Create a healthy & empowering work culture

Insight leading to more effective hiring decisions and employee placement

Develop positive conflict resolution practices and decrease employee turnover

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Workplace Consulting

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 As every business is unique, my services are tailored to you. From interpersonal issues that need solving, desire to raise potential and elevate performance, or helping you create a healthy, empowered culture with thriving employees... Let's talk about what CliftonStrengths™ education and consulting can do for you!

The CliftonStrengths™ model serves as a jumping off point for conversations, creating a shared language and deeper understanding of all team members. This process lays a framework for excellence.

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The CliftonStrengths™ assessment by Gallup Inc. is a powerful tool
 revealing your talents and greatest potential.
When understood and developed, these talents become strengths. 
•Strengths educated individuals are transformed individuals.
•Strengths informed teams are engaged, productive teams.
•Strengths based cultures are elevated, focused and true to mission.

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"My experience with the Clifton Strengths program and more importantly, with Aly Brewer, was a deep dive into what makes me tick. While a lesser professional could have made it negative or scary, Aly was unfailingly positive, balanced and inspiring."

- Amy w., Real estate Agent

"Aly’s kindness, knowledge, and thought-provoking conversation truly made me feel so deeply seen and understood. Clifton Strengths really provided so much insight into the way my mind works and the ways my personal strengths manifest. This has helped me to better show up for myself, my work, and my clients daily."

- Hannah M., Web Designer

"If you're looking to grow, I recommend Clifton Strengths consulting. I learned how my strengths compliment each other and how to utilize that. Aly was a great instructor, she helped connect the dots. She made it very easy to learn and to navigate her lessons."

- Jordan H., Sirius Organics

mindset shift = Real life shift

Transform your workplace

I work with both individuals and groups in corporate and private settings as a CliftonStrengths™ educator and professional development consultant.

I provide group education, one on one coaching, as well as custom plans to fit the unique needs of your team.

I am also available for retreats or conferences as an engaging keynote speaker. 

Based in California with availability for tele-coaching or travel.

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